Milling Cutter


KF 2017 SS

The new KF 2017 SS cutter is the sharpest and fastest HPC cutter. It is characterized by a high spiral of 48 ° and its uneven wedge division for smooth and calm cutting.

The cutters are available in different versions, the long version has filing dividers to break them for a short period of time, ensuring smooth removal during machining.

KF 2017 PL

The milling tool KF 2017 PL was created for customers with a high demand for flexibility.

The cutter covers five operations with one tool: drilling, ramp, channel, roughing and finishing.

In addition to the extension of the program, we are introducing an innovation in the field of refrigerant supply: combined milling and optimized internal cooling.

KF 2017 ST

It prevents the formation of accumulated filings, due to less chemical reaction with the material to be processed.

Its mechanical resistance makes the tool optimally protected, at the same time low friction value, stable face cutting geometry for ramps or helical entrance

KF 2017 KA

The nano-polishing process, the RF 100 A has an extremely smooth process and excellent surface finish. Thus, greater cutting feeds up to 80% higher are possible, while providing an improvement in tool life.

This advantage is especially noticeable in comparison to conventional coated tools, the newly developed central cross-face cutting geometry allows drilling, diving or ramp operations with an uneven helix angle allowing for optimal chip evacuation with low vibration operation



MA 300 CB

Tool designed for finishes with greater advances than the competition obtaining at the same low levels of Ra.

MA 300 CD

Tool designed for semi-finishing and finishing with greater advances than the stander.

Ex: Steel greater than 850 N / mm2


S: 7165

F: 3000 mm