Hard metal

MZ 950

Range designed for maximum performance, especially with high-alloy and high-strength steels and special alloys, robust design thanks to the rigid core, 135º split point geometry.

Great choice for those who want to start using carbide drills for small quantities.

CT 1001

A high chromium and nickel content in stainless steels guarantees high resistance to corrosion and strength.

However, the machinability of the material deteriorates at the same time - process temperatures rise, the carbon drill ensures high cutting speeds and feed rates - its innovative geometry of the cooling channels makes this possible.

For the chemical industry, aircraft construction and mechanical and automotive engineering.

AK 505

The drilling tool AK 505 is suitable for machining various types of materials, with various geometries and coatings, the inserts are always perfectly adapted to the respective field of application.

With optimized channel geometry, you get holes with the same quality as a carbide drill, in combination with the internal cooling, the open groove guarantees an optimal evacuation of the swarf, especially in deeper holes.


KD 500

HSCO steel with 8% cobalt alloy for maximum performance and high temperatures

135º split point for pilot drilling with spot precision with minimal forces and vibrations

Suitable for manual machines or drills for general use or, for example, in the aviation industry